Monday, January 16, 2012

Crochet-A-Long & Other Projects

Just decided I'll be joining a crochet-a-long after I recently received an e-mail from Waverly for Bernat explaining they will be starting one very soon. I've seen these in the past and I thought it would be a great idea but, of course, never got around to doing it. This particular one starts February 15th & goes for a few months with new updates every Wednesday. All the details can be found at Bernat's website but basically you get the e-mail for a block of a blanket to make each week and then you join it together. The best part is you have no idea what it will look like starting out. I love the sound of that. I always love the thought of making a blanket but it is hard to accomplish because you start out with this great idea, but then it starts to take so long that you put it down intending to pick it back up later and then 2 years later you find it buried in the back of your closet. (So hoping that's not just me) Anyway, this way sounds like much more fun to me. I'll be encouraged to finish because I will just have to know how it will turn out. Anyway, it sounds like fun & a good way to learn some new skills along the way. In the past, each block was a different pattern like the one shown on THIS page.

I figure I will post here each week so it will keep me going & maybe some of you can join too? Any takers? I've picked my color palette and I'll be going to the craft store next week & I'll show you the colors of the yarns together once I do my shop. I've got several weeks before it starts but the way time has been moving, I better get it while I have the chance.

Here's a little bit of what I've been doing for the baby blanket I started for a friend. The colors are Silver Blue, White, and Taupe. I'm just loving this color combination!

And, here is a peak of the new crocheted camera covers I'm putting in the shop. Come check out a better view at As Hue Wish:

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