Monday, January 23, 2012

Finally Feeling Better

I am so glad to be moving on to a new week. Last week just plain sucked. The week before wasn't much better. I just couldn't get well. I tried to sleep but I was too busy being a mom and trying to work. Finally, last Friday, worn down and completely drained, sick & tired, I picked up the girls from school and told them I needed a nap. Three & a half hours later I got up, hubby was home so we went for tacos, came back, tried to settle in and watch a movie and passed out until 8 the next morning where I FINALLY, finally felt a little better. Normally, I would have gone to the doctor but the hubs just started a job in December so we do have insurance but it is pretty bare bones so   nothing is covered until the deductible is met. Nothing, meaning we have to pay full price for a doctor visit so unless it is something major I was just having to heal on my own. I'm sure a nice round of antibiotics would have knocked out whatever I had but I made it through and even though I woke up last night with a bout of coughing that left me awake for an hour or more, I am doing better. I just hate getting sick. It doesn't happen often but it really throws my world into a tailspin. Things just will not get done if I don't do them. Anyway, so back to normal today. The one benefit to being sick was I just wanted to lay around most of the time so I was at least working on the baby blanket. A few more days and I will be done. Good thing because the mom is on bed rest and keeps having pains and I'm pretty sure that this baby is coming early even though it is not technically due for another few weeks. I'm excited to meet this little guy.

Another crazy thing that has occupied way too many thoughts in my head lately is a local man that is sneaking into unlocked doors. Seriously, this is really scary. Less than a mile away in the last few weeks & other instances around my town (a small suburb of Dallas) a man has been going into homes where he is able to gain access easily and he has been found in girl's bedrooms and in one instance even touched a girl's ear. It is very disturbing and it has me more than a little freaked out. Apparently, back in August this was happening and a few streets over the guy was found by the man of the house in his backyard where he was shot at! Now, they think it is the same guy. With my husband going back to school to get his degree he is gone until late at night a few days of the week. Last semester he had similar classes keeping him out late, but I would just go to sleep and he would let me know when he was home, but now I just cannot sleep without him here so I stay up. This kind of ruins my resolution to getting to sleep at a good time every night but I really don't care. Until this guy is caught for sure then I don't feel safe without Corey here. Have any of you had someone like this in your town? It's very unsettling to know that there is a guy walking around & possibly watching you or your children, waiting for a time to come into your home. I am glad that we have a relatively big dog that hopefully would be a deterrent when coming close to our house. I know he would defend us but until this guy is in jail I won't feel safe.

So, now it's back to my regularly scheduled program. I really need to get my workout program back on track because soccer starts in 2 or 3 weeks (still confirming), so I'm off to the gym. Have a good week everyone!

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