Friday, October 7, 2011

Feelin It

Today I'm feeling a little worn down. Life has beaten us up a little lately. We aren't winning any games and not making any breakthroughs, but we're hanging in there. We're tough and we know how to ride the storm. I hate whining so I'm not going to whine. I'm just going to put my Friday outfits out there and let them speak for themselves. This is what I would (ideally) wear when I just wanted to say you know what, screw you, I can do it.

Feelin It

Rebel Yell royal blue shirt
$69 -

Black jacket

PRPS slim fit jeans
€539 -

McQ by McQueen black wool pants
$478 -

Golden Goose studded boots
$1,090 -

Stuart Weitzman buckle heels
$595 -

Forever21 chain jewelry
$4.80 -

Ray-Ban ray ban shades

Now, without further ado, I have a weekend to get to. And it's going to be fun, or else I'll kick it's ass too.

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