Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here's To The Crazy Ones.

1. This is one of those 'so easy why didn't I think of it' crafts that I have to make. Really, so incredibly easy that it just has to be done:

2. I woke up Sunday with the sniffles and it hasn't gotten better yet. My list of things to do is always long (and I usually love the pace) but with a cold it's nearly impossible. But, if I'm feeling down, at least I could look cute. This set is what I would wear if my inside mood was reflected in my clothes (stylishly):

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

3. I  have been zoning in to a lot of pretty pillows lately. These are probably my favorites and who doesn't love a monkey. Even the word 'monkey' is fun to say:

4. We will be attending a family Halloween party but if I were throwing my own I would totally make this. Kids of the eighties rejoice:

5. I MADE these. So easy. We were in the mood for cinnamon toast and I found this cute recipe on (one of my favorite sites to waste time) Foodgawker!

6. This room is just so light and I am a big fan of the coloring. Really, just downright pretty.

7. Another cute little gift idea. It's not JUST a cookbook:

8. I'm sure many have moved on past grey but I'm still loving how versatile it is. It changes with it's surroundings and it definitely does not have to be dark and dull:

9. One of our many projects has been to find or make side tables for the bedroom. I'm always looking for the perfect ones but the hardest part has seemed to be finding the time to either refurb them or having Corey make them. When we FINALLY get around to it I would love for them to look something like this:

10. and last but not least the inspiration. As an introvert I frequently feel different than many people. But, I have to remind myself that it's okay to be different. If we followed popular opinion we would still think the earth was flat so here's to the MISFITS:

Bye for now. Have a great week!


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