Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forget Charlie Sheen's 'Winning'. We're Pinning!

As usual, I've been crazy busy but I am so glad I can pin here and there. It's my new favorite pasttime. Here's my Favs of the week:

1. This weeks first pin is a craft I saw and it has just stuck in my mind ever since. It's super simple yet it has so much impact. I think it would be fun to keep changing and adding new photos every once in a while too.

2. Next up, a DIY on how to make those cute cupcakes everyone loves. The website features a Youtube video on how to frost along with 4 special tips to get the look that you want:

3. This is part of a kitchen that I just love the look of. The color, the nailhead, the simple, elegant look of it. Now, in reality I could NEVER have white in the kitchen but I can dream right?

4. It just wouldn't be right if I didn't include chocolate in the list. Chocolate and toffee bars you can make easily. I'm in!

5. This has got to be the cutest pumpkin because it's made out of a book. Too cool!

6. Last year I bought all new Christmas decorations with everything blue and silver. I may do a door-hanging stocking like this in my color scheme:

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

7. Another cute Christmas gift idea. Talk about upcyling. These were former socks and sweaters. What a cute idea to repurpose clothing.

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

8. We are planning on doing a new pergola on our back porch (one day) but just don't want to do something typical. I have never seen one like this in real life but I love it:

9. Maybe it's just me but this sandwich made with sourdough, butter, jack cheese, and applesauce sounds wonderful. My husband and I have fond memories of a restaurant we visited while in Corvallis, Oregon for a wedding called Union 15. There, I had a seasonal salad with wonderful cheese and local apples and it was the BEST salad I have ever had. This sandwich kind of reminds me of that:

10. Last but not least, I decided I liked ending on an inspirational note. This one reminds me of my kids because too many times when I ask if they can do something they say they will "try". This is going to be my response from now on. Hopefully they will decide they can do it!

Well, that's all folks. Have a good week pinning!

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