Friday, December 9, 2011

Doin The Happy Dance

It's one thing to decide to sell on Etsy and it's another to actually make a sale. Well, on Sunday I got my 1st sale this week from someone I do not know. I have made 2 other sales before this one but they were from friends. By NO means whatsoever am I discounting those sales. Believe me, friends can be your biggest supporters and I very much appreciate those more than anything. It got me started and gave me confidence in my work. But, for a complete stranger to want what you are selling is a different feeling. It means someone was clicking through, saw it and said, I would like to have THAT, even though they know nothing about you (unless of course you read my blog, then "Hey gurl, thanks") And last night I got two more orders, well, 1 order for 2 more items. It feels amazing to open your e-mail and see that little confirmation that someone thinks your work is as good as you do. Good enough to buy it from you. That, that little idea that sparked into your head, that you just had to get down and make INTO something will be in someone's hands to enjoy. I know it's only a few sales. But it's a start in the right direction. Now, off to package up the order & on to the craft store to go get more supplies while I do the happy dance.