Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finding Time to Unwind

Have you uttered these words lately: 'I'm SO busy'. I keep having to stop myself from saying it because I hate sounding like I'm complaining about my life. In fact, I love my life right now, but there is really just no other way to put it. My life is hectic. Yours probably is too, right? So, I have to find joy in the little things because vacation and summertime is just too far in the future.

So, what do you all do to unwind? Here's a few of my favorites off the top of my head:

1. Flavored coffees. I love the holiday flavored coffees so I have been experimenting with different flavored creamers & coffees from the store. I just bought mocha peppermint today. Sounds Yum!

2. A hot bath. Calgon, take me away. When I was a kid I didn't really get that commercial. A bath was just something you had to do. I so totally get it now. It's gotten cold here the last few weeks and especially today. I just get that chill in my bones and the only thing I can do to get it out is a nice hot bath.

3. Crochet & knit with a movie or catching up on DVR'd programs. Being that my shop features many crocheted items I have to find time to crochet so I may as well enjoy some movies or TV with it, right? Ella has been learning to crochet too (she's my mini-me) so she's usually snuggled up next to me which makes it even better.

4. Playing cards or Wii games with the neighbors. I'm so blessed to know many of my neighbors.We have a nice group that usually involves anywhere from 4 to 12 of us getting together at one of our houses on the weekends. We just hang out and usually play Wii Sports or card games. It doesn't really matter what game, it's just the background to hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

5. Volunteering. I get a lot out of volunteering at the school. My daughters go to a school that has a jump-rope team, a runner's club, a dance club, and a basketball club. Yes, our school's PE teacher is an amazing guy putting together all of these clubs. You can find me there at least a few times a week helping out and I just love interacting with the kids and getting my mind off of the list of things waiting for me at home.

This is a pic of Ella & I nearly a year ago at jump-rope camp.

Your turn....what do you like to do this time of year to relax?

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  1. hot bath and a book...or crotchet in the living room with the kids and hubby playing (yes, hubby plays too!)