Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back On Track

OK OK, I think I've finally had enough turkey already! I'm ready to get back to our somewhat normal schedule and ready to move on to Christmas. Yay! (and the gym, for like a full day to work off half of what I ate.)

How was your holiday week? I was able to hang with my girls, my hubby, and the in-laws, as well as our neighbors, and my family. That was the best part. I believe it's good for your soul to just take time out and visit with people you love to be around. 

I was also able to finish a custom order I have been working on for a friend. I just love her photography style and can't wait to book our own family's session with her at Vintage Bloom Photography.

It's my second camera strap cover & I have more going so I'm looking forward to getting several more up over on Etsy. I had been working on a coral, grey, & white one before her request so I'll be finishing that one this week!

My sister-in-law also gave me an idea for a new accessory. Being a work-at-home mom doesn't always put me in the middle of fashion central so when my beautiful, stylish sis-in-law mentions something is cool, I listen! I'll have to work out the pattern but hoping to start this new item within the week too!

Don't forget the giveaway going on over at Pink Stitches! Win a chance for $25 in credit to my shop! If you don't see something in the shop that you would like, send me your idea and I'll see what I can do.

Have a great week, stay warm, and don't forget to take some time to be around some people you love too!

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