Friday, November 4, 2011

Posh in Peacock Blue & Heather Grey

Happy Friday everyone!  Things are looking up in my house. We have a lot going on for the better. I think 2011 will be ending on a much better note than how it started out.

Anyhoo, sometimes, I just get flashes of colors or ideas about outfits that I would like to put together and Polyvore is the perfect site for getting that idea in my head down into an actual visible outfit. I think I got the idea across on this week's outfit. I really wanted to do a soft, heather grey jacket with a rose accessory and a teal color in the rest of the outfit. I just can't get enough of this peacock blue color. Definitely my favorite (right now at least).

Posh in Peacock Blue

Smythe tailored jacket
£655 -

Clemens en August zip pants
£189 -

Rupert Sanderson round toe pumps
$659 -

Hermes weekend bag

Club Manhattan silver jewelry
€20 -

Tasha hair accessory
$38 -

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season. Next up is Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of all! I'm thinking of doing an upcoming Top 10 Pins along these lines so stay tuned.

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