Friday, November 11, 2011

Feel-Good Friday

I'm feeling good today for no particular reason. Maybe a mix of the beautiful mild sunny weather, a great weekend up ahead, and lots of fun projects in the works. I'm feeling a little fab, a little sunny, a little here's THAT amalgamation in my Friday outfit:

Friday Fabulousness

TIBI wool dress
$495 -

Ichi leopard coat
£70 -

Mid heel boots
$190 -

Michael Kors shoulder handbag
$995 -

Miss Selfridge gold jewelry
£14 -

Kate Spade gold jewelry
$178 -

I hope you are feeling as good as I am today. 

Don't forget to give thanks today for all those Veteran's around the nation! 

And, in honor of this fabulous day of 11-11-11, enjoy:

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